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garrowby hill.jpg

Garrowby Hill by David Hockney

Established in 1982, we pride ourselves on the highest quality bespoke framing service,
using only the highest quality materials available.
Please get in touch to discuss your framing requirements: painting, poster, photo or even a sports shirt. If it can be framed, we can do it to the highest professional standard.


Welcome to our collection of David Hockney prints.
We have been buying and selling Hockneys for over 30 years. Please get in touch for all your Hockney needs.

Call ahead of time if you are coming to visit us, just in case we are not open on the day.

Please get in touch if you want the sizes and the options for any David Hockney Prints.

We are always happy to help.

NB. We only deal with David Hockey print selling outlets such as the RA, Tate, SaltsMill etc. 

Sending our Framed Prints

We are happy to post most framed items but please call to discus​s this with me. Postage is around £35.

Wood boxes are tailor-made for all our Hockneys.

 We use High Quality Glass on all our framed prints  (not plastic). 


If you don't see the Print you are looking for, please get in touch . Not all our Hockneys are shown on this website.

View To Huggate by David Hockney
A Gap In The Hedgerow by David Hockney
Road and tree Near Wetwang by David Hockney
Cart Track And Pylon By David Hockney

View To Huggate

 £129 NRG £180 UV Framed

Gap In The Hedgerow
£129 NRG £180 UV Framed

 Road and Tree near Wetwang

£129 NRG £180 UVFramed

Cart Track and Pylon
From £129 Framed

NRG (None reflecting glass) UV (None reflecting and 70% UV protection)

North Yorkshire By David Hockney

North Yorkshire

£130 NRG £190 UV Framed

Road To YorkThrough Sledmere By David Hockney
Road Across The Wolds By David Hockney

Road across the Wolds

£130 NRG £190 UV Framed

Road to York Through Sledmere

£130 NRG £190 UV

Garrowby Hill By David Hockney

Garrowby Hill

£160 NRG £250 UV

low stock

Salts Mill By Daeyvid Hockn


From £165 Framed

Nichols Canyon Poster

From £275 frame (UV Glass

Ma Normandie poster

£160 (NRG) £220 (UV glass) Framed

Ma Normandie poster By David Hockney
Nichols Canyon Poster By David Hockney
A Closer Grand Canyon By David Hockney
A Closer Grand Canyon 
Framed £350  (UV Glass)
Less Trees Warter By David Hockney

Less Trees Warter
Framed £175 (NRG)  £230 (UV Glass)

SummerSky2008PosterByDavidHockneyLS (1)_edited.jpg

Summer Skies 2008

Green Valley By David Hockney

Green Valley 2008
Framed £124 (NRG) £184 )UV Glass)

Salts Mill By David Hockney

Salts Mill  Framed £175 (NRG) £260 (UV Glass)
Available in 2 sizes

The Other Sids Original posteBy David Hockneyr

Original Poster, The Other Side 1993 Framed  From £140

Autumn Trees Near Thixendale  By David Hockney

Low Stock

Autumn Trees Near Thixendale by David Hockney Framed from £175

9 Ipad images (Below) 2 sizes Framed from £75 (Mini)  £124 (Large) call for options

The Arrival Of Spring 11th May 2011 By David Hockney

11th May 2011 (The Arrival of Spring)

The Arrival Of Spring 2011 22nd May By David Hockney

22nd May 2011 (The Arrival of Spring) 

The Arrival Of Spring 2011 2nd June 2011 by David Hockney

2nd June 2011 (The Arrival of Spring)

Off The Wall Poster By David Hockney
The Arrival Of Spring 12th May 2011 By David Hockney

12th May 2011 (The Arrival of Spring)


28th April 2011 (The Arrival of Spring)

8th June 2011 The Arrival Of Spring By David Hockney

8th January 2011 (The Arrival of Spring)

The Arrival Of Spring 17th May 2011 By David Hockney

17th May 2011 (The Arrival of Spring)


24th April 2011 (The Arrival of Spring) 

30th April 2011 The Arrival Of spring 2011 By David hockney

30th April 2011 (The Arrival of Spring)

The Magic Flute Exhibition poster by David Hockney

Off the Wall Poster

Olympics Poster The Skater 1984 Sarajevo Winter By David Hockney

The Magic Flute Exhibition Poster Framed £120 (NRG) £170 (UV Glass)

Woldgate Woods Winter 2010 By David Hockney

Woldgate Woods, Winter, 2010 £135 (NRG) £185 (UV Glass)

The Skater (Official 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics Poster) by David Hockney £220 Framed (UV)

Celia In A Black Dress Original Poster By David Hockney

Celia In A Black Dress With

Coloured Border – 1981

Unframed: £195.00
Framed: £295.00

original RA Exhibition poster

Framed (with UV Glass) £175

only 3 left 

Original 2012 Exhibition poster By David Hockney
Canvas Study Of The Grand Canyon 1998 By David Hockney

Canvas study of the Grand Canyon 1998

only 1 left of the FINE ART PRINT this one is no longer printed

Framed £295

Hawthorn Blosson Fine Art Print By David hockney

Hawthorn Blossom

From £124 (no longer printed) 1 Left

A Bigger Book Limited Edition Sumo Book By David hockney

A Bigger Book (Limited Edition Collector's Edition, signed by David Hockney)

£4,250 only 2 left

Red Pots By David Hockney

.Red Pots
This print is now sold out from the Tate but we have a very limited number still for sale!

Framed from £109

Baby Sumo Book My Window  By David Hockney

Baby Sumo.


Arrival Of Spring Woldgate Wood By David Hockney
Sold Out

Arrival Of Spring

Framed None reflection Glass £275 UV Glass £350

Road To Thwing By David Hockney

Road To Thwing (Last one , No longer Printed) 1 Left only

Woldgate Woods Fine Art Print By David hockney

Woldgate Woods (only Mini size available) No longer in print 
Framed (UV glass) £125

Hotel Well Exhibition Poster By David Hockney

Hotel Well Exhibition Poster.
Last few of these


newways.jNew Ways Of Seeing Le Plongeur Paper pool Poster By David Hockneypg

New Ways of Seeing (Le Plongeur / Paper Pool) poster by David Hockney
Framed (UV glass) £210

Rose In The Window By David Hockney Original

Rose in a Window by artist David Hockney RA

Last few remaining, no more coming in.

This edition was originally believed to be 1,000 but most were overprinted by galleries for an exhibition in 1971, curated by the Bernard Jacobson Gallery. Many more would have been destroyed after the exhibition.

£675.00 plus £50 P&P if shipping is required to UK mainland.
(or £500 - Print Only)

Image size: 43cm x 53cm
Mounted size: 61cm x 46cm

RA Poster Normandy By David Hockney
RA Poster Normandy By David Hockney
RA poster Normandy By David Hockney
RA Poster Normandy By David Hockney

There are 2 sizes for each of the 4 posters.

framed from £47 (small) £95 (large)

No longer printed by the RA Our stock now running low

Forty Years Of Modern Art 1945 1985 By David Hockney

Framed £295 (UV glass}

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